Tolt Middle School          

     Animation by student Jackson F.


Family Access (Online Grades) click here  

This year, all TMS teachers will be posting grades for classes using this new online grading system.  If you do not know your login information and/or password, please send an email to along with your full name and your students name , grade level and date of birth and we will get the information sent out to you.


Students are being directed to change the computer-generated passwords to their seven-digit ID number.  Parents can change their own passwords to something more convenient once they log in.  Parents will discover that using their own log-ons will enable them to see all their children's information.


Family Access Tutorial: a Guide for Parents (click here to read the manual)


In addition to their child's grades, parents of Tolt Middle School students can now view their student's Schedule, AssignmentsAttendance, and other General Student Information right online.

Note: You will need your specific username and password to access the site.

If you have any problem accessing the site or have other username/password issues please contact Candyce Garl at 425-844-4607  at Tolt Middle School.

Please be ready to provide the following:

  • Parents' first and last name(s)
  • Child's first, middle, and last name
  • Child's current grade level
  • Child's date of birth

Animation by student Madison W.

We hope you find this service a useful communication tool in helping ensure the success of your student's education. We welcome your comments. Thank you.